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Email marketing allows business owners to reach out to millions of potential customers in a short period. Email marketing also enables business owners to stay in constant contact with their existing customers through providing updates on ongoing promotions or even new products and services.

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We Generate & Close More Leads with Targeted Email Marketing Services in our Dotcom Mate.Our Email marketing helps you connect with your audience to promote your brand and increase sales. You can do a lot of things with emails, like sell products,growing your business.

How does Email Marketing work?

Emails can be sent to request for business and to send advertisements to potential customers. Through email marketing, a large group of people may visit your website after finding out about your products and services, potentially helping to increase your sales. With constant engagement, you may even be able to build brand awareness and brand loyalty, gaining you loyal customers that will purchase from your business regularly.

While email marketing can be a largely influential Internet marketing strategy, it is important that business know how to craft content that will not be classified as spam by automatic filters. With our assistance, you can gain access to our active users, allowing you to share your content directly to them.

How Email Marketing help Your business?

Email marketing is most useful if you have an attractive promotion and wish to reach out to our database of 1 million active email accounts. With our email marketing services, your business can benefit significantly even if the conversion rate is only 1%.From our 1 million email addresses, if 1% of them decided to visit your website to find out more details, you would have gained 10,000 visitors (1mil x 1% = 10,000). Out of the 10,000 potential customers who visited your website, another 1% (10,000 x 1% = 100) may call you for more details. In conclusion, you may have gained 100 potential sales.

Email Marketing Methodology

  • Create: Create your eNewsletter or email marketing campaigns by experienced designer and developer.
  • Deliver: Deliver your eNewsletter or email marketing campaigns with robust & secured email servers.
  • Track Track your eNewsletter or email marketing campaigns with professional tracking features and analytics.
  • Grow: Grow your business leads with responsive & personalised email marketing campaigns.

Our Email Marketing Services

Email marketing services from our Dotcom Mate always include a custom-designed email template, professional copywriting services, and advanced analytics tracking and reporting.

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Building opt-in Email List

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Creating Custom Email Content

Designing Custom & Proven-template Email layouts

Tracking Your Email Campaigns

Testing Your Email Campaigns

Advanced Email Marketing Strategies

Our Email Marketing Process

Research & Data Collection
Analysis & Reporting
Email Design
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Analysis & Reporting

So How Does It All Work?






Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Is the most cost-effective Internet marketing tools as it not only drives direct sales but also supports sales through other channels.
  • Promotes customer retention through the increasing of awareness and the building of relationships that are based on loyalty and trust.
  • Allows for targeting, enabling you to communicate effectively according to your target audience’s needs.
  • Is proven to work, however it has to be carried out effectively.


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