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online reputation is one of the important aspect that make or break your business. But the sad truth is even with the utmost effort put into every job, very often we are not in control of how our customers feel and expect from our businesses.

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Online Reputation Management Services

There is no mechanism to regulate or to ensure fairness about positive or negative reviews online. Online Reputation Management will ensure that positive reviews about you will dominate the online world!

what is online reputation management (orm)?

as your business grow, you will come across dissatisfied customers or at times or even competitors who leave behind crude and brand tarnishing remarks that aims to sway others away from using your products or services. And many times, these bad experiences and accusations may not even be true. However new customers who do not understand the full picture tend to produce a negative stigma or perception against your brand when they sees a negative remark or topic about your branding.

As much as we want everyone to see honest remarks and experience from existing customers, there are times, businesses have to take actions to make the situation better. The first thing most companies think of is hiring a PR agency to take care of it’s branding. However for many individuals or small business owners, this may not be something that within their budget.


Simply because in today’s technological age, word travels really fast. One small tarnishing remark can potentially cripple your business the next minute. Taking out these negative content early can save you lots of trouble later on in your business. To know how much your brand is affected by these remarks, simply do a search on your own brand to find out where those comments and feedbacks are ranking. The higher they are the harder and longer it will take to push them down. So start asking yourself if you are facing any of the following problems below:

  • Negative feedbacks/comments about you or your company?
  • Unfair or malicious comments from influencers that are untrue?
  • Fake bad experiences created by competitors posing as fake customers?
  • Brand tarnishing content that potentially affects your branding with no proof?
  • If you are facing any one of these problems above, you may want to consider starting to remove and filter out these negative content early.

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