Web Design Development

Web Development is basically a process of collecting ideas and implementing them through a back-end interface that results in an exceptional front-end design.

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Web Application Developement

Dotcom Mate is one of the Best Web Design Company in Chennai. We specialise in custom, interactive Web Design & Development, eCommerce and Shopping Cart Design & Development, Web Portal Development, Open Source CMS Development and much more. We design your Website to be consistent with your company’s brand image and also help you create an entirely new corporate identity. If the marketing materials have been already developed, we can produce a similar look and feel for your website. We maintain all the design principles.

Professionally designed, easily update able, user-friendly websites that get great results on desktops, tablets & smartphones.

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Responsive Websites

The ideal solution for those looking to get more out of their website! Be it a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, you can rest assured your site will continue to impress!, responsive design to function on any device, and look great too!

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Parallax Websites

where dynamic animations move between content panels. Scrolling in a vertical or horizontal pattern while animating page elements along the way Parallax interfaces will catch your visitor’s attention quickly as they stand out dramatically in comparison to a “typical” website design.

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Ecommerce Websites

Want to run a store online? Now at your fingertips - We’ve got you covered! Process and fulfill orders, provide personalized service and respond to customer inquiries, upload new products and photos, notify customers when a purchase has shipped, check sales figures real-time!

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CMS Websites

Designed to give clients confidence in updating their sites is Content Managed System – A simple user interface to power your websites!CMS has an easy-to-use rich text editor for managing content - allowing for user-friendly content updates, image uploads plus much more!

How can the Web Application Development help in your business?

A web application that fits your requirement can help you to automate part of your business processes, resulting in better productivity. It also helps to increase the team’s morale as they focus on more important tasks on hand. Imagine if you are a loan broker and a potential customer wants the lowest loan rates in town. However, the potential customer only has time to check after office hour and by that time, your team may already be off work. A web application can be customised to allow the potential customer to check, compare and calculate the lowest loan rate directly from the website. This potential customer gets what he/she is looking for and may drop an enquiry to your company for a callback on the next working day. You simply do not lose your leads.

Type of Web Application Development we do
  • Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • Content management system
  • Project management system
  • Customised template development

Our Website Development services include:

  • We create a balanced layout.
  • We look at contrasting sizes, textures and shapes to define and draw attention to certain sections of the website.
  • We provide clean and consistent navigation for the best user experience for your website visitors..
  • We maintain Unity, a relationship between the various parts of the website layout and the composition as a whole..

Don’t Let A Boring Website Hold Your Business Back.


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