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Web maintenance is one of the most important Investments because website maintenance plays a crucial in improving your online presence and achieving greater success. We, at Dotcom Mate are the leading Web Maintenance Company in Chennai known for offering quality services.

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Website Security & Maintenance

Your hard earned website visitors are seeing Red Warning from Google for un-safe Website, or Your website is de-faced…. How will it impact your business? For sure, something you never want to go through. Whatever kind of business you engage in; a stable website will be vital to ensure that you can engage with your audience and generate valuable leads. Website security is a challenge that all website owners face today. Wisdom makes sure, that you don’t face such issues. Or if your site is hacked, we help to recover and be online again.

Website Maintenance

Do you think getting a website development is all work done? If yes, then you may be not protective about your web application, the redemption process is as necessary as its development. Any pllication needs refreshment after a long walk and this is also with websites. They also ask for resuscitation of their contents included with them. Website maintenance is an indeed service and means a lot for webiste owners.

. With its outstanding image as the best website maintenance service, the company is all dedicated to proffer realt-ime service so that the websites could not be hold for a long due to their issues. The issues realted with the contents are resolved in quickest possible time.

What We Do?


Clean Up Your Website

Using latest technologies and techniques, we scan and remove virus and injections from your website codes and database, and take corrections actions to stop them from future destructions

Get Off The Blacklists

Once site is cleaned from malware and bad codes, we submit reviews with Google and other malware checkers to ensure your visitors don’t get any warnings again.


Outdated software and plugins usually the cause of vulnerability. We make it sure that your website software is always updated and maintain proper backups to ensure quick and smooth disaster recovery.

Website Updations Services

Just as we expect to pay attention to timely oil changes and tune-ups on our cars to maintain our investment, our websites need regular attention also. Websites need regular maintenance for many reasons: to prevent security risks and Hacking attacks
  • Adding / Editing Information like Contact Info or About US, or New Clients or News & Updates, Products and Services
  • While updating, making sure that Images are properly re-sized and added for optimum look and performance
  • Quick disaster recovery, in case your server goes down, or your site got hacking attack
  • Updating theme/front coding, when CMS or Plugins updated

Website Maintain Service in Our Dotcom Mate

It’s the worse situation that your clients and prospects are seeing red screens or warnings. Do you know every 2nd website gets hacking attacks more than one time in its life? If your site has been hacked or infected with malware or spam, you should act quickly to repair the damage, protect your reputation and prevent your website being blacklisted. Is your website already marked as “This site may harm your computer” in Google and your customers are being scared away? Wisdom has qualified web developers and security experts to bring your website recovered as quick as possible.

We Protect And Maintain Your Website

To make sure your business keeps running smoothly.


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